Certifications - Quality
Leader in a high standard requirements

The desire of the Joubert Group has always been to offer its customers products which they can be completely sure about: certified plywood that is 100% legal and eco-designed for good usage and of high environmental and health quality.

By making the choice of a certified approach very early on, the Group kick-started the first FSC®-certified Okoume plywood, clearly demonstrating responsible forestry management. The new requirements of the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulations) have shown it to be right as the Group was already compliant when these came into force. The JOUBERT brand has also been able to maintain its lead for a high requirement level by manufacturing the first certified plywood with a lower formaldehyde content. Even today, the Group is extending its policy of purchasing reasoned wood by offering PEFC-certified plywood and Okoume and Poplar combination.

All these commitments are based on references with the very strictest criteria. They are proof of the Group’s principles of action. For everyone, this is the guarantee of recognising and working with the requirements of benchmark plywood, which opens the way to a more sustainable town.



To the Joubert Group it is obvious that resources and wood for the future must be preserved. Its policy of sustainable management and traceability, which has been conducted over a long period with its forestry partners, now enables it to offer only 100% legal Okoume and poplar plywood.

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The highest certification level, internationally recognised

With its FSC®-certified Okoume plywood the Joubert Group provides the guarantees its customers have the right to expect from faultless plywood that is eligible for the highest levels of environmental labels for buildings.

FSC®-CoC (Forest Stewardship Council - Chain of Custody) protects10 demanding principles of forest management and 57 criteria dealing with numerous aspects of forest management, respect for communities, the rights of nations and workers, as well as the effects on the environment.


The essential certification particularly for European wood

Joubert Poplar Plywood comes from French poplar plantations which are sustainably managed. Their PEFC certification is a gauge of confidence which offers guarantees as to the provenance from responsible sources. Furthermore it is integrated into the public procurement tender criteria.

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification proves that the raw material comes from forests, the owners of which are committed to adhering to the rules for responsible forest management defined at international and national level, and on their regional scale.


EUTR compliant plywood
For the legal source of all wood

Tracing the provenance of each log and ensuring its origin is legal is a work ethic from which the Group has never derogated. Very early on it focussed on selecting its forestry partners with strict criteria, based on field and documentary audits. This approach has enabled the Group to be already compliant when the European Union and the French Government legislated against the illegal timber trade with the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulations).

Since the 3rd of March 2013 the EUTR has prohibited the placing of wood and wood products from illegal harvesting on the European market.

Each timber importer must now have a due diligence system and provide proof that its supplies meet the criteria set out in the EUTR (good management, traceability and respect for local populations amongst others). In the case of a distributor who is not a timber importer, it must make sure of the legality and retain useful information as proof.

NF NAUF KOMO Lloyd's Register

Certifications - quality

Certifications clearly authenticate best practices. For the Joubert Group the approach of voluntary certifications is also one which makes it possible to innovate with more efficient, healthier products.

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NF Extérieur CTB-X

NF Extérieur CTB-X
French quality mark intended for plywood for exterior use

The requirements for this mark issued by AFNOR Certification (FCBA representative) are much higher than those for traditional CE marking, particularly on the type of tree species used and the control of biological sustainability.

With the control on admission and the monitoring of conformity performed twice a year by FCBA, this mark offers guarantees that the following requirements have been respected:

  • Dimension tolerances
  • Gluing quality
  • Biological sustainability
  • Mechanical characteristics
  • Rigidity and resistance for structural use
  • Release of formaldehyde

No Added Urea Formaldehyde

This term describes plywood panels that do not use Urea Formol (or urea formaldehyde) in interior gluing. CARB ULEF NAUF plywood, recognised by the very strict eco-building label, LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), makes it possible to obtain the LEED® point for the EQ 4.4 credit.

This is the case for Joubert Plywood. It is manufactured with a phenolic resin base, an alternative gluing solution eligible for the NAUF category. In this way it is part of high environmental performance for constructions with the most demanding criteria in the world.



This is a Dutch certification issued by SKH (Stichting Keuringsbureau Hout). It is a recognised guarantee of quality and is required by the Dutch market, both by merchants and final users. Continuous controls are performed in the factories to have this Dutch label allocated and to maintain it. They are regularly checked by an SKH agent during on-site visits. The certification established by SKH reinforces the reliability of Joubert Plywood panels and their resistance to bad weather.

Lloyd’s Register Type Approved

Lloyd’s Register Type Approved
British Standard 1088:2018

BS 1088:2018 is acknowledged as one of the most drastic certifications in the world and is the benchmark for all sailors and shipwrights throughout the world. It specifies the requirements for marine plywood used in ship construction and in other river and maritime applications.

In particular, it defines the requirements for gluing, the quality of faces and interior plies, as well as choice and durability of the tree species used. Okoume is classified as “lightweight hardwood marine plywood”. The BS 1088:2018 specification makes the performance of in-house continuous quality control compulsory on the production site.

CE Emissions dans l'air intérieur A+ CARB

Product regulations

The Joubert Group's quality and performance requirements apply to all types of plywood making up its range. Their standards certificates provide the guarantees of conformity and safety required in the various uses of the panels, particular those for the NF Extérieur CTB-X quality mark.

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CE marking
The certificate of conformity with normative requirements

CE marking according to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) certifies that the products concerned meet 7 compulsory requirements:

  • Mechanical resistance and stability
  • Safety in the event of fire
  • Hygiene, health and the environment
  • Safety of use
  • Noise protection
  • Energy saving and heat insulation
  • Sustainable use of natural resources

Structural CE marking (or CE 2+) specifies that an independent notified body verifies the provisions for internal controls established by the manufacturer and the conformity with the requirements of the harmonised standard, EN 13986 « Wood-based panels for use in construction - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking ».

CE S / CE 2+

Panels for interior and structural use, covered by FCBA (French Technology Institute for Forests, Timber, Building and Furniture) certificates for factory production control:

  • S 0380 - CPR - 0441
  • S 0380 - CPR - 0481

Panels for exterior and structural use, covered by FCBA (French Technology Institute for Forests, Timber, Building and Furniture) certificates for factory production control:

  • S 0380 - CPR - 0443
  • S 0380 - CPR - 0483

Certifications which attest to the guarantee for the plywood and our expertise:

  • NF Extérieur CTB-X quality certificate
  • Lloyd's Register Type Approval Certificate - 1088:2018
  • Joubert Panofeu conformity certificate, Euroclass B-s1, d0
  • Joubert Poplyfeu conformity certificate, Euroclass B-s1, d0 for thickness ≥ 9, and B-s2, d0 for thickness < 9
  • CE certificate for factory production control - Interior use
  • CE certificate for factory production control - Exterior use
Emissions dans l'air intérieur A+

A+ Sanitary Labeling
Volatile pollutant (VOC) emission level

Since September 1, 2013, all construction and decoration products placed on the market in France have been required to carry a label indicating their level of emissions of volatile pollutant (VOC).

The aim of this measure is to inform the consumer about the risks of toxicity by inhalation linked to these volatile pollutants such as formaldehyde, which can lead to chronic respiratory pathologies. Plywood panels are now included in the list of products subject to health labeling.

Joubert Plywood displays level A+ (very low emissions) for its plywood panels sold in France.
We thus participate in guaranteeing consumers and specifiers the quality of the indoor air in buildings under construction or renovation.

Joubert Plywood is a pioneer as it was also the first European plywood manufacturer to obtain the CARB ULEF (California Air Resources Board) certification, known as the most drastic in terms of formaldehyde emissions. Its plywood also benefits from the NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) designation**.

By placing health requirements at the heart of its business and by offering the most responsible solutions for the construction and development of public spaces, the Joubert group is demonstrating its values based on a reliable and proactive ethical approach.

* Information on the level of emission of volatile substances into indoor air, presenting a risk of toxicity by inhalation, on a class scale from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions).

** Across the entire Joubert Plywood range with the exception of Rubberplex.


US Environmental Protection Agency - Toxic Substances Control Act - Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde

Already certified CARB ULEF for very low levels of formaldehyde emission, Joubert Plywood obtains US EPA TSCA Title VI CARB ULEF certification (US Environmental Protection Agency, Title VI Toxic Substances Control Act, Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde).

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has put in place strict regulations for formaldehyde emission rates for wood-based panels throughout the country.

Referring to the standards established by the CARB California Certification, all of the United States must meet these high standards. Joubert Plywood meets these rules and is now US EPA TSCA Title VI CARB ULEF certified.

Actor for a sustainable city and 1st French manufacturer of CARB ULEF certified plywood, Joubert Plywood is part of an approach of sanitary quality, comfort and well-being for indoor environments of private and public buildings. The US EPA TSCA Title VI CARB ULEF certification reinforces this commitment.