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JULY 2023

PYRAMIDO, the 3-in-1 children's game, made of JOUBERT poplar plywood !

Discover PYRAMIDO, the 3-in-1 children's game, made of JOUBERT poplar plywood !

Inside each Pyramido is a different wooden, plywood gift to work with and create. Children can then paint and decorate their gift as they wish. They will also find a story in a small booklet as well as a small organic treat to snack on!
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MAY 2023


JOUBERT Plywood participated at INTERZUM from May 9th to 12th in Cologne, Germany. The international reference fair for the furniture and decoration industry has kept its promises for this 2023 edition!

Exchanges with visitors were rich and constructive around the issues and trends in the sector. JOUBERT Plywood presented its solutions to future perspectives for the development of eco-design, resource management and responsibility in terms of comfort and well-being.
See you in 2025!

JUNE 2022


A 16th edition full of success! After four years of absence, 14,000 visitors came from June 1 to 3, 2022, for this major meeting of the wood industry, i.e. 20% more than in 2018.

The entire JOUBERT Plywood team would like to thank its customers, partners and new contacts for the exchanges which have been fruitful, both in quantity and quality.

JULY 2021


JOUBERT Plywood engraved in the wood!

Superb laser engraving on our JOUBERT POPLY and STARTPLEX products! Plywood always surprises thanks to the inspiration of designers.

A big thank you to WHYNOT COMMUNICATION for this dedication!

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Superb realization of The Dacha House villa in New Zealand (Wanaka), with Okoume Marine Ply plywood from JOUBERT.

Marine Ply plywood has been used in both interior and exterior fittings: ceilings, wall claddings and under-roofs. Raw Okoume shows the beauty of the grain of the unrolled wood as well as the warm aspect it gives off.

Realization: architect Eliska Lewis, ArchiPro photos and supplier partner Plytech


new automated packaging and 100% recyclable

True to its commitment to constantly improve the quality of its customer service and to meet the expectations of its partners, JOUBERT Plywood has just invested in a new automated packaging line on its two production sites of Les Eliots and Saint -Jean d'Angély.

This new investment ensures expedition logistics with optimal automation and quality protection for JOUBERT Okoume and Poplar plywood. This dynamic strengthens the Group's commitment to its partners to go further in the quality of its offer and its services. The design of this new packaging corresponds to the strong values ​​of JOUBERT Plywood: more than an optimal protection, it is 100% recyclable.

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JULY 2019

The Gabonese Minister in charge of Forests, Environment and Climate Plan visits CBG

On July 19, Lee White, Minister in charge of Forests, Environment and Climate Plan, went to Port-Gentil, the provincial capital of Ogooué Maritime to meet the main regional players in the wood industry. He was accompanied by the governor of the province of Ogooué Maritime, Patrice Ontina and officials of the Provincial Direction of Water and Forests.

As part of his working day in Port Gentil, the Minister honored the Compagnie de Bois du Gabon (CBG) with a full visit of its head office and facilities as well as the Compagnie des Placages des Bois du Gabon (CPBG). Received by Mr. Remy Fenart, CBG executives and collaborators, the Minister travelled through the company's timber yard, the processing plants, the sharpening rooms, the sawmill and the peeling plant.

The exchanges were numerous and productive, concerning the sustainable management according to the FSC scheme. The observers also pointed out that "CBG is one of the 3 FSC-certified companies in Gabon, since 2009. It is an example of sustainable management in Gabon".

Minister Lee White was able to inquire about the working conditions of the employees, the difficulties encountered, as well as the prospects of these wood factories operating in the economic capital.

In conclusion, the Minister encouraged the certified manufacturer: « the ministry for which I am responsible is certainly here to monitor the work done, but also to help these economic operators develop their industries, create more jobs and pay more taxes so that together we develop Gabon».

JUNE 2019

Environment and Sustainable Development: JOUBERT Plywood and CBG conference in Arnhem, the Netherlands

On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, Joubert Plywood in collaboration with CBG, his historical forestry partner, organized a conference in Arnhem in the Netherlands on the Environment and Sustainable Development, a fundamental theme at the heart of the news and crucial for the future.

On this occasion, in addition to the presentations of the values and actions of the organizers, FSC, WWF and ETTF / VVNH intervened to explain their work, their commitment and the developments that they generate.

The participants who responded to the invitation were able to become aware of the current and future challenges and to measure all the work done, in synergy and complementarity, from the tree to the finished product, to ensure a sustainable management of the forests in the respect of the environment, economic and social development.

Thank you all for this significant moment of sharing.

MAY 2019

JOUBERT Plywood affirms its position at INTERZUM 2019

European leader in certified Okoume plywood, JOUBERT Plywood took part in the latest edition of the Interzum trade fair in Cologne from 21st to 24th May, the benchmark of the furniture and decoration trade fair.

Designed by the visual artist Serge CRAMPON, the stand offered visitors a universe in which ranges, product solutions and possible uses were staged.

JOUBERT Plywood's assertion as Okoume plywood specialist and solutions provider in Poplar was at the heart of the exchanges with visitors from all over the world. It is around the major issues of sustainable management, eco-responsibility and indoor air quality that all the assets of JOUBERT products have been presented and put forward.

Thank you to all visitors for coming in such large numbers !

JULY 2018

JOUBERT PRIMED: faster, more beautiful, stronger !

Designed for outdoor landscaping, JOUBERT PRIMED is the pre-painted plywood solution that saves time in installation and has a perfect finish and durability.

Only one layer is enough ! Just an application of a final coat of paint is necessary after a slight sanding to obtain a perfect finish quality. Its 2-in-1 economic positioning offers optimization of Okoume plywood applications by reducing finishing costs.

Facade cladding, realization of fascia boards or roof overhangs, decoration of the habitat (individual and collective) and public buildings, Joubert Primed is the ideal plywood to meet the construction requirements and to guarantee impeccable esthetics in short lead times. Okoume panel coated with a white 80 micron acrylic primer on both sides, it is certified NF Exterior CTB-X for structural use.

Discover the product features !

Photo Credits: Serge CRAMPON

JUNE 2018


Actor committed to the design of a sustainable city, Joubert Plywood reaffirmed, for this 15th edition of the Carrefour International du Bois, its reference positioning in the supply of Okoume and Poplar plywood solutions.

Designed by the visual artist Serge CRAMPON, the stand made for the occasion highlighted both the multiple uses of JOUBERT plywood, the aesthetics of raw materials and the Group's eco-responsible commitment.

The messages of a perennial and available Okoume resource in short time and Poplar solutions for the creation of healthy, durable and comfortable habitats, were supported and well received by the large number of visitors.

The whole JOUBERT Plywood team thanks the customers and the new contacts for their visit and for sharing this rich moment in exchanges for this strong event of the sector.

Photo Credits: Serge CRAMPON

MARCH 2018

JOUBERT Plywood Certified US EPA TSCA Title VI ULEF

Already certified CARB ULEF for very low levels of formaldehyde emission, JOUBERT Plywood obtains US EPA TSCA Title VI ULEF certification (US Environmental Protection Agency, Title VI Toxic Substances Control Act, Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde).

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has put in place strict regulations for formaldehyde emission rates for wood-based panels throughout the country.

Referring to the standards established by the CARB California Certification, all of the United States must meet these high standards. JOUBERT Plywood meets these rules and is now US EPA TSCA Title VI ULEF certified.

Actor for a sustainable city and 1st French manufacturer of CARB ULEF certified plywood, JOUBERT Plywood is part of an approach of sanitary quality, comfort and well-being for indoor environments of private and public buildings. The US EPA TSCA Title VI ULEF certification reinforces this commitment.


The uses of plywood : let yourself be surprised by its possibilities !

Versatile and durable, robust and lightweight, strong and easy to install, plywood offers a multitude of uses, from the most common to the most unexpected.

The qualities of Joubert plywood combine the desire to innovate, the need for aesthetics, the need for performance and compliance with the strictest regulatory and environmental requirements to express the various talents of all users.

Whatever your use, a Joubert plywood will meet your needs.
Discover the range of possibilities!


JOUBERT Plywood, for a daily healthy air

Indoor air quality is a major concern for health and well-being. JOUBERT plywood is an actor for a sustainable city and offers a sanitary solution to meet this crucial issue.

Indoor air is often charged with chemical pollutants (Volatile organic compounds VOC, carbon monoxide), physical (moisture, particles) or biological (mites, molds, bacteria). Unlike other materials, JOUBERT plywood, as a wood material, is naturally low in emissivity and ensures a balance of moisture content thanks to its thermal regulator qualities. It thus limits condensation and certain pollution, and also prevents the retention of dust and dust mites.

Certified CARB ULEF (American certification that is drastic in terms of formaldehyde emission), JOUBERT Plywood guarantees its plywood at the lowest formaldehyde level (less than 0.04 US ppm) and displays the A + level (very low emissions) on the level of formaldehyde VOC emission (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Beyond the sanitary quality of the material used, everyday actions are necessary to maintain indoor air quality: ventilation, purification, etc ...

As the leader of Okoume plywood on the European market, JOUBERT Plywood is committed to a sustainable development approach, which includes comfort and well-being for the indoor environments of private and public buildings.


Joubert Plywood’s involvement in implementing the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation) at the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food

On August 28th 2017 for the second year in a row, JOUBERT Plywood was requested by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food to share their work that has been done for implementing the EUTR and due diligence.

Joubert Group who is experienced and a key player in the wood industry, has introduced its commitments and model for verifying the legality of timber in front of a delegation of Japanese researchers of the forests government agency. Also present were participants such as WWF (Word Wide Fund for Nature), French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and Terea (a design office working on environmental related problems and sustainable management of natural resources.

The purpose of this meeting was to present the integration of the EUTR in the supply and production of the Group to guarantee a 100% legal wood and respecting environmental and societal aspects.

JOUBERT Plywood is proud to be recognised and presented as a model in being committed to sustainable development.

JULY 2017

JOUBERT Plywood, partner of the 10th anniversary of FSC® France

To mark its 10th anniversary, FSC® France made an original video entitled “Let’s take a walk in the forest”.
All along the Little Red Riding Hoods journey, from the forest to the purchase of the final product, the meaning of the FSC® label and its different steps of the control chain are mentioned in an easy way in order to augment the consumer’s sensibility about the preservation of forests.

JOUBERT Plywood is certified since 2008 and associated itself with this sort of presentation to reinforce its commitment in the manufacturing of products from sustainably managed forests in a responsible way. You can see that within the gestures that each worker accompanies the trees during their transformation at JOUBERT. The Little Red Riding Hood touches in a sort of delicate way the FSC® Okoume veneers. Look deeper…

Check out the video! : 

MAY 2017

JOUBERT Plywood’s new positioning revealed at INTERZUM 2017

The Groups new message, “For a sustainable city” has been highlighted by the plastic artist Serge CRAMPON thanks to a new JOUBERT stand design at INTERZUM 2017.

Made with Okoume and Poplar plywood, this space lead to well-being and quality of a healthy home while suggesting possible uses of the plywood in terms of architecture, design and indoor as well as outdoor layouts.

The reminder of forests, product origins, rekindled nobility to the plywood, while affirming its role, both in being a sustainable, eco-efficient material and source of inspiration for the designers of tomorrow’s city. The variety of JOUBERT’s new range was perfectly illustrated and integrated in this welcoming and convivial place, taking visitors to look beyond the product itself, thanks to works that were displayed.

The exchanges have been fruitful and constructive in this context, strengthening JOUBERT Plywood as a major actor in the Okoume and Poplar plywood.

©photo credits Serge CRAMPON

September 2016

Okoume plywood, a resource for the future

For the manufacturing of its Okoume plywood, the JOUBERT group supplies itself with wood and veneers coming from Gabonese forests that are under sustainable management. This eco-responsible management which consists in a restricted wood harvesting (1 tree / hactare) allows the forest to regenerate naturally. It also ensures the continuity of Okoume plywood being available for building projets of tomorrow.

Through its responsible supply policy which involves a careful selection of its partners, JOUBERT makes sure that the continuous renewal of its primary raw material, the Okoume, which qualities of durability and ease of use remain unequalled.

Far from being an endangered wood specie, the Okoume is therefore a endless source of supply as long as sustainable management rules are applied.
The group guarantees its customers and users that its Okoume plywood is a material of the future, coming from durable and renewable resource.

This culture of responsible management allows JOUBERT to remind today the availability of its Okoume throughout and Combi Okoume/Poplar plywood, including in large format 310x153 cm.