The Joubert range
Certified products for all uses


Okoume throughout plywood:
reliable and efficient

All the plies of the panel are of the same Okoume tree species.

Renowned for its machining qualities and resistance to damp and bad weather it can live up to the expectations of the most demanding construction projects.
Its natural qualities (durability, lightness, mechanical resistance, etc.) make the Okoume throughout plywood panel able to lend itself perfectly to all types of interior and exterior applications. Its excellent resistance over time is unanimously approved by designers, joinery professionals and project managers.

The Joubert Okoume throughout Plywood is made of timber from sustainably managed forests (CFAD). It is a certified, responsible, compliant product which gives access to HQE™ and public contract projects.

Combination plywood:
standard and multi-use

Alternation of plies of two different species.
Example: Okoume on the faces and then alternation of poplar and Okoume in the centre of the panel.

Combination plywood is a panel for general use which has the aesthetic qualities of Okoume. It is recommended for interior use or for exterior use that does not involve direct exposure to bad weather.

The Joubert combination plywood is a guarantee of legal origin compliant with the highest health requirements.

Types of application recommended

  • Bracing
  • Interior or exterior joinery
  • Ceilings and false ceilings
  • Layout
  • Fitting out of truck and van layout
  • Vehicle body, etc.

Twin plywood:
economical and generic

Faces in Okoume, interior and centre of the panel in poplar.

Twin plywood is a panel intended for routine work that does not need specific machining.

Joubert twin plywood is PEFC-certified and Made in France. It has all the regulatory guarantees required on sites: NF Extérieur CTB-X for structural use and CE2+ standards, health marking A+ and US EPA TSCA TITLE VI CARB ULEF certification.

Types of application recommended

  • Interior fittings
  • Non-exposed exterior applications
  • Temporary applications on sites
  • Interior joinery
  • Layout
  • Fitting out of vehicles
  • Insulation support, etc.

Poplar plywood:
light and luminous

All the plies of the panel are of the same poplar tree species.

Poplar plywood is sought after for its lightness (450 kg/m³) and its light colour. It is the ideal material for all interior layout projects. It is very suitable for the requirements of interior designers and other designers who appreciate its flexibility of use.

The Joubert all poplar plywood comes from French poplar plantations and is Made in France. It has the US EPA TSCA TITLE VI CARB ULEF certification and A+ marking, guaranteeing a healthy interior atmosphere.

Types of application recommended

  • Furniture
  • Interior layouts
  • Design
  • Crates
  • Packaging
  • Fitting out of caravans, etc.