Your frequently asked questions

Which product is most suitable for exterior use as cladding?
What would you recommend for use?

Joubert Garant, Joubert Paint Garant and Joubert Primed are reference products in construction.

Used on the most remarkable sites they are completely suitable for prolonged exposure to bad weather: façades and soffits of houses, it being understood that perfect protection of the panels (faces and edges) must be implemented in accordance with the rules of the art.

The natural aspect of wood and management of paint colours are assets which make it possible to meet all the requirements for construction and architecture for individual or collective dwellings.

Complies with the DTU Cladding 41.2.

I want to make wooden shutters. which plywood would you recommend?

All Joubert panels are designed to be perfectly suitable for the final use.
To enliven your façade shutters made in Okoumé sélection from the Joubert Façade Premium range will provide you with aesthetic appeal, resistance to bad weather, long life, and small size variations.

This entirely Okoume plywood intended for high quality work in exterior joinery was originally created for shutters in the Veneto region of Italy and is now having real success in the South of France.

What are the optimum conditions for storing panels?

Storing plywood panels requires very little care. They should be placed flat, preferably away from damp, spacing out the studs by 50 cm, and aligning the intermediate studs in the piles.

In fact, storage in a temperate area, without significant variations in hygrometry, makes it possible to prevent moisture regain which causes the panels to warp.

Is joubert plywood subject to the ISPM 15 standard?

The ISPM (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures) No. 15 standard stipulates that processed wood packaging, such as plywood, is exempt from marking requirements.

In fact, with the process used the various production stages subject the veneers and plywood to very high temperatures for drying and baking under a press and therefore the insects and fungi on the finished panels are removed.

What is the difference between a WBP and a CTB-X panel?

The WBP - Water Boil Proof - denomination is no longer valid insofar as the foreign standards on which it was based have been replaced by new European standards, which define the requirements for gluing plywood. In particular, plywood for exterior use must correspond to Class 3 gluing in accordance with the standard, NF EN 636.

NF Extérieur CTB-X certification is not compulsory. It is a voluntary approach on the part of the manufacturer to certify the quality of its products. The characteristics demanded by this quality mark go beyond the requirements of the European standards.

The NF Extérieur CTB-X quality mark provides the user with the guarantee of conformity for the quality of the exterior gluing and the mechanical characteristics of the plywood intended for exterior use.

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To what does the CE 2+ marking regulation correspond?

In order to be able to guarantee the use of the panels in structures, the CE standard provides for certification and regular audits of the factory production control system by a notified body at European Union level.

The body designated by France to authorise companies to mark panels for structural use CE 2+ is the FCBA (formerly CTBA)..

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What does the E1 standard specified on each gluing of your products mean?

The glue system used for the manufacture of Joubert plywood is compliant with the E1 standard.
The EI standard corresponds to release of formaldehyde below 0.1 ppm in accordance with the standard, EN717-1.

I want to carry out a LEED® project. do your panels meet the criteria for this certification?

The Joubert Group offers plywood meeting the demands of LEED® certification, particularly as a result of FSC® and NAUF-certified products, providing eco-performance and participating in the construction of sustainable dwellings.

What are the advantages of using joubert plywood panels?

Above and beyond their eco-performance the quality of the products is typified by size stability, a large offer in terms of dimensions, numerous possibilities for interior and exterior use, as well as high durability.

Why is the protection of the edges so important?

The protection of edges is necessary to provide the durability of the product.
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